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Electronic Numeric Lock

Be-Tech’s digital and cyber locker locks offers a maximum security measures to keep your valuable belongings safe and secure. It has a 3 levels of management security control with four types of operation modes. Be-tech’s locker digital and cyber locker locks applies to all of materials like ABS, PVC Plastic, Metal and Timber lockers. Management […]

Electronic RFID Lock

RFID lock sets are made up of ABS Plastic materials, Ideal to use for generic lockers like schools, hotels, sports and recreational areas. Features Keyless User can set their preferred 4 digit combination code Master key control Battery operated Suitable for Plastic and Metal lockers

ABS Locker

ABS locker offers a smart and modern storage solution suited for a variety of applications. This versatile locker is built to endure humidity and moisture

ABS Plastic Bench

Product Specifications:Surface Material: ABS PlasticStructure Material: 304 stainless steel Features:100% ABS plastic surface and quality stainless steel Knocked-down design, save the freight cost Auto-adjustment ensures a stable state even when the ground is uneven Waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust Available in various colors Indoor and outdoor application Widely use in indoor area such as changing room, gym, […]

PVC Locker Collection in Singapore

PVC series is made up of engineering grade rigid PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) plastic material with coloured doors. Multiple locking options with keyless lock, keylock

Metal Locker

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Coin Locker

Coin lockers are available in either metal or ABS plastic material. Metal coin lockers are more common in dry areas and ABS coin lockers in wet areas or those