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Number Combination Padlocks

Number combination locks are locking devices that require a numerical code to be opened. Our number combination locks are built out of zinc alloy and have a shiny chrome finish. With easy 3 number dials and an automatic scrambling feature, these locks are suitable for a range of applications on your lockers in school, gym, […]

Retrofit Keyless Lock

Retrofit Locks Retrofit locks are a type of lock that are built to fit your current cam lock frame, eliminating the need for you to even replace or reconstruct the lock hole size. Some of these retrofit locks come with keyless features and a master key option – giving you the ability to secure your […]

Mechanical Keyless Lock

Keyless Locks Supplier As its name suggests, keyless locks are smart locks that remove the unnecessary hassle of bringing around physical keys and improve the security of your storage. Lockers used to be primarily used in schools and gyms but they are now much more commonplace, becoming popular in offices and industrial buildings for the […]