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BETECH Digital Lock

BE-TECH’s digital lock offers three levels of management for security control. The first level is the owner key that is used to issue or delete master key or master code and emergent opening. The second level is the master key that is used to issue or delete user keys or user codes and service opening. The last level is the user key or user code itself used by guest or customer for opening.

4 Operation Modes:
One-time code opening
Permanent code opening
User key opening
User key and one-time code opening


Fault Tolerant Input
Any incorrect digits code can be input before inputting the correct code.

Incorrect Code Alarm
Buzzer alarms for 60 seconds and after 4 attempts with an incorrect code

Anti-thief Alarm
Buzzer alarms for 60 seocnds when latch be pressed or picked

External Power Backup
A 9V battery is for emergent power supply when internal batteries in low voltage

Illegal Key Alarm
Buzzer alarms for 60 seconds after 4 attempts with an illegal IB card

Low Voltage Alarm
Buzzer alarms when unlockin gunder the alarm voltage, notifies to replace new batteries.

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