How Digital Locks Are Better Than Conventional Key Locks?

Lock systems have been around for centuries, and they provide the first line of defence when it comes to home or office security. You will find locks on house doors, gates, garage doors, cabinets, office lockers, safe boxes, and any other fitting that holds important items. Locks not only protect valuables but also enhance privacy by keeping personal belongings away from prying eyes. They are the foundation of homeand office security andthe technology inside has changed dramatically. Modern lock systems feature cutting-edge technology which makes them more convenient, effective and more secure.

If you are on the market for a lock system for your home door, office door, gate or any other fitting, you will have to choose between conventional key lock systems and digital keyless lock units.  Here you will learn the differences between the two locks and why digital locks have the upper hand.

Overview of Conventional Key Locks 

Traditional/ conventional locks feature a key system and require manual engagement to function. These are the most common locks on every door from car doors, kitchen cabinets to house and office doors.

Conventional door locks range from deadbolt locks, mortise locks, knob locks which require manual operation for the lock mechanism to work. You need the right key to open a plastic lockerfeaturing a traditional lock, andif you lose all the keys to the door, you have to make a duplicate.

Understanding Digital Locks/ Smart Locks

Technology has influenced many spheres of life,andthat includes home and office security systems. Smart/ digital lock systems are part of the technological revolution taking place in modern society. These locks are automated versions of traditional lock systems.

The main difference between digital and traditional locks is that they don’t require manual engagement to function. You can engage the lock mechanism electronically or remotely. These smart lock systems give you more control and are more efficient compared to traditional locks.

Digital high-tech locks feature different technologies including fingerprint, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi enabled systems. The bottom-line is that you don’t need a key to open your doors.

The Digital Lock Advantage

If you are wondering which lock system to purchase for your ABS Locker, it is important to consider the advantage digital locks give you. Take a look:

  1. Convenience: There’s no key required, and you enjoy peace of mind having not to worry about losing the all-important key.
  2. Versatility: The technology behind smart locks is diverse, and you can choose from among Bluetooth enabled, touch systems, Wi-Fi enabled among other lock technologies.
  3. Enhanced security: The best digital locks guarantee no one else can operate the door. Some also come with added monitoring features including fingerprints, and voice recognition. It is not easy for a burglar to tamper with a smart lock on the front door or a safe inside your house.
  4. Remote operation: For some digital lock systems, you can operate your doors from any location via an app on your smartphone.
  5. Low maintenance: Digital lock systems work seamlessly, and unlike traditional locks, you don’t have to worry about calling a locksmith when your key fails.

Whether you are in the market for the best locks for your office Locker,cabinet, home or office doors, digital locks offer more convenience and enhanced security. Of course,the initial cost is higher than traditional lock unit,andthere’s the risk of software slowdown,butthe benefits outweigh these drawbacks.