A Quick Guide to the 3 Best Locker System for Your Office Locks

Office Locker systems are the ultimate storage options for your business. Lockers offer secure storage and make your office space more organized. If you are in the process of remodeling your office, installing lockers will redefine the décor outlook while at the same time boosting productivity in your workplace. Whatever type of lockers you choose for your office, it is important to select the best lock system to optimize their function. Your lockers are only as good as the locks you use, andthis makes the lock system choice a critical consideration.

This guide highlights some of the most effective lock systems available for lockers. Thiswill help you make an informed choice and enjoy the intended benefits of your lockers. Read on.

1. Conventional Key Lock System
This is the traditional lock system, andit is ideal for anyone looking for a quick and convenient lock for their lockers. Key locks feature an easy and intuitive design which everyone knows to use, andthey are affordable compared to other systems on the market. They are also cheap to replace, andyour locksmith can make a replacement key if you lose the originals.
However, it is easy to lose your keys and burglars can easily tamper with this lock system. Loss of keys necessitates locksmith services, andthis increases office administration costs. In a busy business environment such as a gym, it is easy for clients to lose them regularly and this makes them inconvenient and costly to use for your ABS Lockers.

2. Digital Locks
Everything in modern life is now digital, andlock manufacturershave also integrated digital technologies in their products. Digital locks are now common for all types of lockers. The keyless locks use cutting-edge technology to allow operation of your lockers seamlessly without the need for a key. The locks are more user-friendly compared to key lock systems, and they feature fantastic tech features including double-entry of codes to prevent accidental mis-entry and lockouts. Other features include automatic unlock timers, long lasting batteries and you can customize these locks to suit your storage needs. Some downsides include having to recharge the batteries, high cost of installation and shorter warranties for the systems, unlike traditional lock systems. Features such as the real-time clock or Bluetooth connectivity and waterproof IP rating will also increase the cost of the digital lock.

3. Combination Locks for Lockers
If you are afterhigh-levelsecurity for your lockers, you can opt for a mechanical combination lock system. They eliminate the need for keys and require no batteries to operate. The best lock systems come with emergency override key access in the case of a forgotten code. User changeable allowsothers to use the lockers after setting a new code. There’s no need for replacement of keys or padlocks with a combination lock systems.

In case you forget the combination code, you have to call in for support, and it is possible for snoops to see your combination code and use it later.

These are only a few of the lock systems you can use for your office plastic lockers.  Whatever your choice, make sure you understand how the system works and assess the pros and cons.