U-lock, Headlight and Tail Light in 1 Bike Lock

Have you seen a 3-in-1 bicycle lock before? This lock I am talking about integrates headlight, tail light and u-lock into one. I was also surprised to learn about it but what an amazing innovation for the bicycle industry.

3-in-1 bike lock by Kreima

3-in-1 bike lock by Kreima

The idea behind it is that a safe environment should be an experience which can be enjoyed. Thus Kreima the developer of this lock, promotes secure living that can be enhanced, appreciated and enjoyed.

Let ‘s take a look on the specs.


Now let’s talk why this lock is so good for bikers. We can tell from the specs that Heimdallr is very user friendly. You can conveniently convert this lock into light and vice versa in seconds. The integration of the parts would mean carrying less weight than we used to. This is good news for long distance bikers and pro bikers who are concerned with additional weight.

Apart from being really cool, the best part of having Heimdallr is the convenience it offers. You don’t need to bring them separately.It becomes part of your bike to secure and lead you safe on the road. Lock and go as Kreima used to say.

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