The Growing Demand for Smaller Lockers

One can hardly identify the varieties and range of gadgets that are available today. People are always excited about the latest and trending devices arriving.

While the emergence of these technologies are rising, comes the responsibility of establishments to provide and keep these devices secured. In fitness centers for example, it is noteworthy to learn that apart from the big lockers for customer belongings, owners are now providing small compartment lockers in the activity areas as well. This is also the case to commercial lockers where owners also provide small lockers for small space requirements only.

IMG_3514 copyThis need is also present in offices nowadays. These devices are also expensive thus the need to provide secured storage for the employees. What is a small locker that comes very affordable to show that you care and appreciate your employees?

These lockers commonly comes in 3×3 to 5×5 compartments. The size is just enough to fit your personal files, gadgets, laptop and some accessories. Some compartment sizes could get bigger to as much as the size of a helmet.

Locker & Lock is quite aware of this trend in the industry. We are providing small compartment lockers that are available in wide selections. We offer ABS, PVC and metal locker options. We offer modular type lockers and we can do some customization as well to address specific requirements.

For requirements on small lockers, contact our locker specialist at or visit us at for more information.

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