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Get more out of your bottle cage with Kreima Galatea

Kreima lives true to its unique and stylish way of securing a bike. Galatea is the second bicyle lock released by Kreima next to Heimdallr which was greatly accepted worldwide.

Galatea comes available in 3 colours

Galatea comes available in 3 colours

After the successful Heimdallr, here comes again a new bike lock that will fascinate the bikers. Also a dual function bike lock, Galatea serves as a bottle cage and cable lock together in one. The base of the bottle cage serves as the spindle for the cable wires which remain neatly tucked in the bobbin system even if the bike is running.

With Galatea, riders will not need to bring their locks anymore as it is already part of their bikes. Another plus for Galatea is its dual-hub keyhole system that enables riders to secure more than 1 bike. If you are going for a ride with a partner, Galatea will do its job locking your bike together.

Who wouldn’t be surprised if Galatea already garnered bows from international jurors just like Heimdallr.  The awards received by Galatea are the following:

Winner of 2010 Reddot Product design award in Germany
Winner of 2011 Taiwan Excellence award
Winner of the Golden Pin design mark in Taiwan

Galatea takes up very minimal space making it ideal for all types of bikes. Galatea comes in 3 colours, eternal blue, cloud white and night black.

Locker & Lock is one of Kreima’s carrier in the region. If you are interested to distribute or sell this great product just call us at 6742-1118 or email us at sales@lockerandlock.com