Storage at the veins of your fingers.

The development on security systems is ceaseless. I first thought of the bundy clocks, which records time arrival and departure of the employees. Next is the finger print biometrics which records finger print patterns. And now we have finger vein pattern recognition. Never had I thought that we will get this far to make security this extreme.


finger vein electronic locker

Finger vein pattern recognition is one of the security operations available in Locker & Locks new models of electronic lockers.  This operation is as simple as the finger print recognition, but way more futuristic and secured. Apparently, there is no way that you can find a person with the same vein patterns as yours.

  The operation of this electronic locker is pretty simple. First you just need to pick your locker number, from the screen monitor.  Next, slide your finger (either index finger, ring finger and middle finger only) in the finger vein reading port to have it scanned. Then, scan your finger for the second time to confirm and your locker will open for you to store your items. Retrieving your item requires the same steps except that you only need to scan your finger once.

This type of locker should start showing up in the airport terminals, malls, and parks soon. To get ahead of these magnificent highly-secured lockers, call Locker & Lock at 6742-1118 or email at


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