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Introducing Plastic Lockers

abs locker

Our ABS Locker W-Series

Plastic lockers are fast becoming popular nowadays due to many feature and functionality advantages.  Plastic lockers are also dubbed “the architects friend” because of its aesthetic appeal since it can match many interior schemes.

Plastic lockers can either be made from PVC or ABS material. ABS is derived from acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene materials under the group styrene plastic which is the most used plastic in the world.  ABS plastics are known for its chemical resistance. It is also not affected by water, acids, basic and non-organic salts. PVC on the other hand is commonly known as “Vinyl” in some countries. It is derived from polyethylene and polypropylene. Compared to other plastic materials, PVC has self-extinguishing properties when set on fire.

Plastic lockers are used for wide variety of applications.  Plastic lockers are extremely quiet and most recommended especially in areas with high moisture and humidity. These types of lockers are commonly seen in schools, commercial and industrial places, sports centres, saunas, water theme parks and swimming pools.

Our plastic lockers come in various colors and tiers. We also provide wide range of locking options to match your locker. To learn more about our plastic lockers click on the following: abs plastic locker | pvc plastic lockers

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