Locker & Lock will be joining FHA 2014 at Expo Singapore

Once again Locker & Lock will be one of the exhibitors in the upcoming FHA ( Food and Hotel Asia) 2014 in April at Expo, Singapore. It’s going to be an exciting one and the team is as early as now preparing for the event. So what can be expected from our booth this year?


This is not the first time that Locker & Lock will participate in such special event. As a matter of fact, Locker & Lock was present in in the recent events in Thailand and Vietnam last year. It is a great opportunity for the company to showcase the lockers among thousands of visitors and we are always pleased with the results.

This year is an exciting one as this is the first time that we will display 3S W-series in an event in Singapore. This range of locker have already been receiving positive feedback and recommendations due to the new features present. If you are keen to know what they are, you better see them in person. However we feel it’s better if we give you some tease with our photos from our recent projects. Check it here.

3S lockers just keep on improving and this will be highlighted in the upcoming event. If you want to have an exclusive discussion with our sales during the event, feel free to email us at


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