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Locker & Lock will be at the PARCEL EXPO 2015

Locker & Lock will again be participating in a huge exhibition, but this time around it will be the PARCEL EXPO 2015 for ASIA PACIFIC. The event will take place in Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on 13 & 14 of May 2015.

Locker & Lock Parcel Expo 2015PARCEL EXPO 2015 for ASIA PACIFIC is the only exhibition and conference for postal, express, e-commerce and parcel supply chain industries. Those belong to this industry should not miss this event as it also comes with a conference that focuses on increasing productivity across all aspects of the industry, featuring CEO-level ‘thought leadership strategy sessions’, technology and innovation workshops, and customer development programs.

Exhibiting with Hangzhou Dongcheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

This event is special as we will be joined by our partner Hangzhou Dongcheng Electronic Co., Ltd. To give you some background, Hangzhou Dongcheng Electronic Co., was established in 1998 and is one of the global leaders in the electronic locker systems. As an integrated manufacturer who develops both hardware and software, the company has sold over 6 million doors of lockers of which majority are still in operation worldwide. The electronic lockers are used in theme parks, shopping malls, postal systems, e-commerce, universities, airports and public stations etc. To know more about them, you may visit

What to expect from our Exhibit

We always make sure that our visitors leave our booth stand amused and satisfied upon their visit. Something to be looked forward to are the electronic lockers which is the highlight of our stand. This is a great opportunity to see and try the electronic lockers for yourself. Also there are our technical and business experts to give you some insights concerning electronic locker systems.

How to attend this event

To attend this event, registration is open one hour before the show opens, and from 12 – 5pm the day before the show. To avoid the queue, you can pre-register online through this link

We are truly excited and we are looking forward to meet you there. For more information regarding this event, don’t hesitate to call us at +65 6742-1118 or e-mail us at Furthermore, you are always free to visit our website at

Commercial Lockers by Locker & Lock

For over twenty years, Locker & lock has proven itself effective in commercial locker systems. And over those years, it is well understood that security and convenience plays an important role in customer service and we cannot just eliminate the benefits of commercial lockers in many sectors of the industry.


As security remains a top factor for many businesses, Locker & Lock has also enhanced the range of commercial lockers it provide among its customers. Economical systems are also available to accommodate markets that do not require high-end technology locker systems.

Today, Locker & lock offers range of commercial lockers from coin locker to the most advance electronic locker systems. This range covers a large range of industries from hotels, hospitals, theme parks and the list goes on to those who place security and storage among their services.

Locker Placement
Locker & Lock is flexible in its services. Locker placement was introduced so that businesses can still provide a locker storage without having to shoulder the cost, installation, maintenance and sometimes operations for a share of profit generated by the lockers. Imagine to operate a locker service that is risk and hassle free while needs of your customers for a secure and convenient service are attained.

If you need commercial lockers, Locker & Lock offers free evaluation of your business setup.
Be among those hundreds of businesses who already profited and improved their service. You may reach Locker & Lock in these countries.

Singapore | | +65 6742-1118

Malaysia | | +60 3-8060 3219

Storage at the veins of your fingers.

The development on security systems is ceaseless. I first thought of the bundy clocks, which records time arrival and departure of the employees. Next is the finger print biometrics which records finger print patterns. And now we have finger vein pattern recognition. Never had I thought that we will get this far to make security this extreme.


finger vein electronic locker

Finger vein pattern recognition is one of the security operations available in Locker & Locks new models of electronic lockers.  This operation is as simple as the finger print recognition, but way more futuristic and secured. Apparently, there is no way that you can find a person with the same vein patterns as yours.

  The operation of this electronic locker is pretty simple. First you just need to pick your locker number, from the screen monitor.  Next, slide your finger (either index finger, ring finger and middle finger only) in the finger vein reading port to have it scanned. Then, scan your finger for the second time to confirm and your locker will open for you to store your items. Retrieving your item requires the same steps except that you only need to scan your finger once.

This type of locker should start showing up in the airport terminals, malls, and parks soon. To get ahead of these magnificent highly-secured lockers, call Locker & Lock at 6742-1118 or email at


Electronic Lockers: Your Personal Space on the Go

Have you ever been in any of these situations?

  • You’re a tourist and you want to leave your backpack somewhere without the need to book for accommodation.
  • You’re rushing in formal attire and how you wish you can change clothes and leave your items somewhere before going to a party.
  • You just bought so many stuff and you want to leave them somewhere safe.

These are only some of the common scenarios that we hope there could be a place or a storage service provider where we can keep our belongings secure. The public demand for storage has been greater now that people want to ensure their expensive items are safe and securely stored.

Locker & Lock introduce electronic lockers ideally for these types of scenarios. Electronic lockers provide the perfect solution for the public to store their items and claim after a period of time.
Malls, airport terminals, train stations, supermarkets and other public areas are the ideal venues to find electronic lockers.

electronic_lockerThese lockers despite the hi-tech mechanism can be maintained and operated easily. Electronic locker comes available in 4 operation mode. It can be accessed through self-set password/pin, finger vein scan, use of IC card or bar code. These lockers are provided with log system to track history usage of all customers. As these lockers were accessible in public places, multi-language option is available for international customers.

When it comes to storage in public areas, nothing is more secure than electronic lockers. If you want to see how this technology can help your business, call our locker consultants now at 6742-1118 or visit our website here: electronic lockers.