Choosing Lockers for your School (Part 3 of 4)

combination padlockMany students bring important items like mobile phones, music players and other electronic gadgets. In most cases these items are not allowed inside the class so the students turn to their lockers to keep these valuables safe. School lockers are not only meant for storage, but most importantly to keep students valuables safe from any risk of being stolen or ruined. It is important to choose the right lock to secure and avoid any attempt of wrongdoing from the students.

It is a hassle for the students to bring their keys every time so it is practical and ideal to use key-less locks. Combination locks provide the perfect solution in securing school lockers. This type of lock will not need keys to operate thus preventing any report of keys being stolen or missing. Combination locks are easy to operate you can even see video instructions online. See our video How to Operate a Master Combination Padlock

Forgotten combination codes are also common from the students. In such event, the school administrator must have a master key to open the lock. The school administrator will also need the master key in case of emergency or inspection.

Apart from the school administration, students also share a responsibility in securing their lockers. They must never share their lock combinations with anyone. In some cases, a lock does not properly latch when the lockers are overloaded. They must avoid these circumstances and always double check that their locker is securely locked before leaving.

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