Choosing Lockers for your School (Part 2 of 4)

In any kind of purchase, quality is a vital factor that must not be taken for granted. Regardless whether the product is expensive or not, quality should still be present. In reality, budget is always an issue, but quality should remain a top priority especially that school lockers will be used for many years.

Locker Quality

Remember, school lockers will have to face regular and heavy use. Can the lockers withstand the type of environment for a long time? What kind of material should the lockers is made of. Does your locker company have a good history of providing school lockers? Surely these questions are a bit worrisome but very essential in making the right purchase decision.

ABS_school_lockerThe type of locker must complement the environment where it will be installed. It is a complete failure if you will install metal lockers in high-moisture areas. This will only lead your lockers to corrode and cost you more for renovation or replacement.

Companies are persuasive and will try to impress you to take their products or give you some convincing discounts however it is more important to check the company’s track record and see how they performed in providing lockers in the past.

Another thing to be considered is how the lockers will be constructed. It is not advised to construct and weld the lockers permanently into place. It will only cause you additional expenses if you plan to renovate or move the lockers to another place in the future. Lockers in “knock-down” form can solve this issue. This type of lockers can be moved and materials are replaceable lowering your renovation cost.

Locker Design

Locker’s design can make your students spirit high. It gives them a sense of pride to see their lockers matched with the school’s official colour. Colours can also affect your students’ attitude just how the colour of a classroom could affect learning. We can also use colours to organize and segregate students by class levels or genders. Some companies are providing locker accessories like wallpapers, rugs and even chandeliers that enable the students to positively express their personality in educational environment. You may also prefer plastic lockers for your school. Plastic lockers are usually available in many colours. Since the materials are replaceable, you can easily change colors to match any interiors. Plastic lockers are also aesthetically pleasing and could give a happy tone in the student’s environment.

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