Choosing Lockers for your School (Part 1 of 4)

Choosing the right locker for your school is not just like buying ordinary school equipment. Your environment, quantity, storage space needed, quality, design, security and choosing the right locker company should be taken into consideration to find the best locker for your school.

The Environment
Locker areas must be convenient for students to store their personal items. The place should be comfortable and should not create hassle for them. Lockers should not be installed in a single area to avoid bottleneck or traffic for students. Lockers must be installed in areas where it can be easily monitored to avoid the students in keeping illegal items and avoid attempts of vandalizing the lockers. School halls or corridors are the usual venue to install lockers.

Quantity and Storage Space Needed
How many students will use the lockers? Once you have determined the number of students then you will know how much lockers you need to purchase. However we cannot predict the number of student enrollees in a long term basis so it is best to plan a quantity that will be enough for many. Bulk purchase can also get you a discount and will save money for future inflation. Having extra lockers would also replace damaged lockers instantly.

As to how many lockers you need to purchase will also depend on the storage space needed. Primaries or first graders would not require a lot of space but as the grade level goes up the space requirement also tends to increase.

To be continued next post.

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