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List of security lock for cabinet furnitures – Locker & Lock

DL-12: The keyless convenience

Convenience is a trend in many product developments today. We want things to be easier and comfortable for us.  We create a solution for things to be more manageable and efficient.

DL-12 Keyless LockKeyless lock was created in effort to break the old issue on key management. You surely lost a key or had forgotten them at least once in your lifetime. The truth is losing a key can be a terrible headache to anybody.

DL-12 keyless lock by Locker & Lock just do what is required in terms of security and convenience. This lock is secured by number codes which you can change any time you want. The capability to accept indefinite number of codes makes DL-12 perfect for locker service providers who cater to many users. In case that you totally forget your number code, you can use the master key to open the door and use the search pin to retrieve the present code.

DL-12 is suitable to many types of lockers and cabinet doors, whether it’s wooden, plastic, metal or laminated door. This lock doesn’t need battery or electricity and is completely mechanical leaving you out of operation and maintenance cost. The simplicity and ease of operation makes DL-12 ideal for schools, sports clubs, and recreation areas especially when customer is non-stop.

Dl-12 is another great product of Locker & Lock. For supplies you may call us at (65) 6742-1118 or visit here to check its features: DL-12 keyless lock

Digital Locks: Your security solution and convenience.

This modern age change many things the way we live. We like our lives to be more comfortable, convenient, safe and secure. In response, inventors create solutions that will sustain and provide our needs and wants from design and functionality.

Key Management Issues
In your lifetime, how many times have you lost a key or forget them? This is not only a problem in a personal level. Even shop owners, locker administrators, hotel customers and students experience the same dilemma on key management. Good enough if you have a duplicate, but very terrible if we don’t and our only choice left is to break the door or window to get through.

Security Features
Digital locks by Be-tech came to address this usual key management issue. Digital locks are packed with security features for many kinds of breach attempts.

•    Buzzer alarm for 60 seconds after 4 attempts of incorrect code.
•    Buzzer alarm for 60 seconds when the latch is pressed or picked.
•    Buzzer alarm for 60 seconds for attempts using an illegal iB card.

Digital locks are fault tolerant input. This means that anyone may input incorrect codes before inputting the correct one.

4 Working Operations
Digital locks can be set to work in 4 available operation modes.
•    One-time code opening
•    Permanent code opening
•    User key opening
•    User key and one-time code opening

Be-tech digital locks are not only packed with security features. I can also say that they are beautifully designed. We can match Be-tech digital locks to any type of doors. The design itself can bring out a classy outcome to any timber, metal or plastic locker doors.

What more can you ask from this lock. Convenience, security and a beautiful design in one lock combined.  Call (65) 6742-1118 for supplies of Be-tech Smart Cabinet lock or visit our website to learn more: digital locks

Step-by-step Guide in using Master Combination Padlock

Operating a combination padlock for the first time could be very confusing. We write this step-by-step guide so you have something to turn to just in case you are lost.

Note:  This guide only works for locks with the design body shown below. (Fig. 1.1)

master combination padlock

In this illustration we define the parts of a Master combination padlock

parts of master combination padlock

What is a combination?

The combination of the lock is either found inside the packaging box or will be given to you by the vendor.  The combination is normally a set of 3 numbers that you needed  when turning the dial during the unlocking process.  Turning the dial is basically either clockwise (to the right) or counter clockwise (to the left).

In this illustration (Fig 1.3) , we have 02, 24 and 18 as our combination numbers.

combination numbers for combination padlock

Lets now proceed to the step-by-step instruction.

Step  1.

As shown here (Fig. 1.3), the first number is 02. In this case we have to turn the dial three times clockwise stopping on the first number (02).

Step 2.

Next. Turn the dial counter clockwise passing on the first number (02) once and stop on the second number (24).

Step 3.

Lastly, turn the dial clockwise and stop at the last number (18).

Step 4.

Lastly, pull the shackle to open the lock.

Remember, do not share you combination to anyone and make sure the door is securely closed before leaving.

If the instruction is still unclear for you, watch our video below.