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Digital Locks: Your security solution and convenience.

This modern age change many things the way we live. We like our lives to be more comfortable, convenient, safe and secure. In response, inventors create solutions that will sustain and provide our needs and wants from design and functionality.

Key Management Issues
In your lifetime, how many times have you lost a key or forget them? This is not only a problem in a personal level. Even shop owners, locker administrators, hotel customers and students experience the same dilemma on key management. Good enough if you have a duplicate, but very terrible if we don’t and our only choice left is to break the door or window to get through.

Security Features
Digital locks by Be-tech came to address this usual key management issue. Digital locks are packed with security features for many kinds of breach attempts.

•    Buzzer alarm for 60 seconds after 4 attempts of incorrect code.
•    Buzzer alarm for 60 seconds when the latch is pressed or picked.
•    Buzzer alarm for 60 seconds for attempts using an illegal iB card.

Digital locks are fault tolerant input. This means that anyone may input incorrect codes before inputting the correct one.

4 Working Operations
Digital locks can be set to work in 4 available operation modes.
•    One-time code opening
•    Permanent code opening
•    User key opening
•    User key and one-time code opening

Be-tech digital locks are not only packed with security features. I can also say that they are beautifully designed. We can match Be-tech digital locks to any type of doors. The design itself can bring out a classy outcome to any timber, metal or plastic locker doors.

What more can you ask from this lock. Convenience, security and a beautiful design in one lock combined.  Call (65) 6742-1118 for supplies of Be-tech Smart Cabinet lock or visit our website to learn more: digital locks

S-box on Sale!






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Promo runs until the end of October.
Self-collection is required for single purchase while
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Grab your personal storage s-box now!

S-box: Your personal storage locker.

We must admit that locking up doesn’t mean we do not trust the people close around us. Anything can happen and let’s accept the fact that locking up most of the time is a necessity.

Whether we are in our office, homes, or shops, we have valuable items like cash, gadgets or other important items that requires temporary storage and security while we are away. We look for storage that is compact… storage that could offer better concealment and security.

sboxWe find s-box as the perfect solution for the kind of storage requirement. S-box is a compact box of solid metal weighing 6kg. S-box’s door hinges are tightly concealed that supports unyielding door for any attempt of flipping or opening.  With a dimension of W350 x H250 x D250 mm, s-box can be transferred or brought in any place easily. With this size, s-box can perfectly fit to another cabinet or mini locker for better protection and security.

If you are thinking about better support and making s-box stable, it is built with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. S-box security is also made better with REAL keyless lock. REAL keyless lock housing is made of zinc alloy material.

Features of the box itself and the lock will demand no administrative and maintenance cost as S-box requires no electricity and only self-operated. S-box is another great product of Locker & Lock. For supplies call (65) 6742-1118 or visit here: s-box.