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Electronic Lockers: Your Personal Space on the Go

Have you ever been in any of these situations?

  • You’re a tourist and you want to leave your backpack somewhere without the need to book for accommodation.
  • You’re rushing in formal attire and how you wish you can change clothes and leave your items somewhere before going to a party.
  • You just bought so many stuff and you want to leave them somewhere safe.

These are only some of the common scenarios that we hope there could be a place or a storage service provider where we can keep our belongings secure. The public demand for storage has been greater now that people want to ensure their expensive items are safe and securely stored.

Locker & Lock introduce electronic lockers ideally for these types of scenarios. Electronic lockers provide the perfect solution for the public to store their items and claim after a period of time.
Malls, airport terminals, train stations, supermarkets and other public areas are the ideal venues to find electronic lockers.

electronic_lockerThese lockers despite the hi-tech mechanism can be maintained and operated easily. Electronic locker comes available in 4 operation mode. It can be accessed through self-set password/pin, finger vein scan, use of IC card or bar code. These lockers are provided with log system to track history usage of all customers. As these lockers were accessible in public places, multi-language option is available for international customers.

When it comes to storage in public areas, nothing is more secure than electronic lockers. If you want to see how this technology can help your business, call our locker consultants now at 6742-1118 or visit our website here: electronic lockers.

Step-by-step Guide in using Master Combination Padlock

Operating a combination padlock for the first time could be very confusing. We write this step-by-step guide so you have something to turn to just in case you are lost.

Note:  This guide only works for locks with the design body shown below. (Fig. 1.1)

master combination padlock

In this illustration we define the parts of a Master combination padlock

parts of master combination padlock

What is a combination?

The combination of the lock is either found inside the packaging box or will be given to you by the vendor.  The combination is normally a set of 3 numbers that you needed  when turning the dial during the unlocking process.  Turning the dial is basically either clockwise (to the right) or counter clockwise (to the left).

In this illustration (Fig 1.3) , we have 02, 24 and 18 as our combination numbers.

combination numbers for combination padlock

Lets now proceed to the step-by-step instruction.

Step  1.

As shown here (Fig. 1.3), the first number is 02. In this case we have to turn the dial three times clockwise stopping on the first number (02).

Step 2.

Next. Turn the dial counter clockwise passing on the first number (02) once and stop on the second number (24).

Step 3.

Lastly, turn the dial clockwise and stop at the last number (18).

Step 4.

Lastly, pull the shackle to open the lock.

Remember, do not share you combination to anyone and make sure the door is securely closed before leaving.

If the instruction is still unclear for you, watch our video below.


Benefit from Service Improvement with Coin Lockers

What makes a customer happy is when his/her needs and wants are served. As a matter of fact, satisfying customer is one of the best methods in attracting new customers.

coin lockerFor some establishments and recreation businesses, one unknown idea is providing storage for their customers. Taking skating rink or bike rental business for example, most of the customers would find it convenient if they have some place to store their items while they enjoy skating or biking. It is not comfortable for customers to leave their items somewhere in the establishment without assurance of security.

The solution in this case is by providing secured storage as additional service. Coin lockers provide the perfect solution in leveraging both customer service and profit. Coin lockers are storage compartments where you need to insert coin/s in order to use it. Will you still find it unfair paying a small amount over the assurance that your items are safe and secured?

Coin lockers are operated manually and can be set to accept up to three (3) coins. Coin lockers can also be set in coin return mode. Coin lockers could either be made in metal or plastic. Depending on the type of environment, metal locker could be better than plastic locker or vice versa.

Your customer’s don’t need to suffer and you can also benefit from coin lockers. Surely it’s a win-win situation for you and your customers.